It seems as though the world is becoming run down, old, and rotten. Things get old fast, nothing gets resolved, and we are constantly being pushed to do or buy something new. When do we slow down? Where do we get to hide away and take a serious look at what we’re doing with our lives? Why don’t we try something new that we like and not care what others think? We can’t and don’t do these things because there is no time or place to do so (or so we’ve been taught). But when we stop just for a minute, 60 seconds, a thought pops into our head. Something we want to do, something that is worth trying, something that’s fresh. When that 60 seconds is over our thought rots away just like the rest of these fresh ideas.

This is my fresh idea.

Writing. Sharing. Reading. Expressing. Becoming comfortable as me.

Love always,


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