Repeat After Me


I saw this picture on Twitter awhile ago and I just skipped over it because I “didn’t have time to read it”. It showed up in my newsfeed again the other day and I took the time to read it. At first I didn’t have any thought, I didn’t want some picture from Twitter to make me angry. As soon as I started scrolling passed it, I became frustrated. No one is telling you that you have to go to school, get a job, get married, have children, pay your taxes and bills, watch TV, listen to the news, or obey the law. No one is telling you you have to do any of these things.
-If you want to drop out of high school, heck even middle school, you can.
-If you don’t want to get a job and sleep all day, you can.
-If you don’t want to get married and want to keep to yourself, you can.
-If you and your spouse don’t want kids and want to sleep in until 11 on weekends, you can.
-If you don’t want to watch TV or listen to the news and want to go for a jog, you can.
-If you don’t want to pay your bills or taxes and want to lose everything, you can.
-If you don’t want to obey the law and end up and jail, you can.
If you still don’t think you are free I encourage you to keep reading because I would like to state a few things.

The opposite of being free is being bound, captive, imprisoned, trapped. If you are saying you aren’t free, you are claiming to be enslaved.

Last year 67 million primary-school-age children were denied the right to education. Those children now won’t learn the alphabet, how to count to 10 or higher, how to read, how hygiene can save their lives, or any life skills. We’re mad because we have to wake up at 7 and go to school when they don’t even complain about having to take care of their sick mother and their siblings. Are you still trapped? I could go on and give you stats about each of the topics listed, but you can read them yourself and become educated on your own because you have the ability to open a new tab and read articles.

The country has a way of running. No, not everything is perfect. There are more than 360 million people living in America and Canada, trying to figure out one system to help all 360 million+ people isn’t going to happen on the first try. These countries are still running a lot smoother than the third world countries out there. We were all taught that every action comes with a consequence. So don’t cry, make pictures, blog, or vlog complaining about the consequences that go with the action you chose.
-If you drop out of school, don’t expect a wide field of employment.
-If you don’t work, don’t expect a pay check.
-If you don’t get married, don’t expect to always have the same person waiting for you to get home.
-If you don’t have children, don’t expect to have a bundle of joy that will always fill you with joy.
-If you don’t watch TV or listen to the news, don’t expect to always be caught up on the latest news.
-If you don’t want to pay taxes or bills, don’t expect to have power next month.
-If you don’t obey the law, don’t expect to always have the comfort of your own bed.

Don’t complain that you’re enslaved.
You are not enslaved, you just aren’t aware of the easy life you’ve been given.


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