I Can Adult

My parents have always taught my brother and I how to be independent. They coached us through things and were always there to help us when we didn’t know what we were doing. There were times we made our parents proud and were hard workers. There were also times we gave up and asked for more help than we needed, but I guess that’s pretty normal for children to do.
After moments like:
– My dad driving to Salisbury to check my car to make sure my lights were working,
– My mother sewing costumes or outfits for me,
– My dad being my safety blanket in Guatemala,
– My mom always going shopping with me an giving me an honest opinion,
– My dad sitting through all my dance/drama productions,
– My mom cleaning my room while I was away at camp,
– Both of them being my GPS until this day.
The thought what would I do without my mom or my dad always popped into my mind.

It popped into my mind so often that I was scared I couldn’t do things on my own. Was I able to figure out if my lights worked on their own? Was I able to fill out forms on my own? Was I able to provide for myself? I was 20 years old and I honestly couldn’t answer these questions. I hate change, but I wanted it. I wanted to know that I could be okay, so I decided to follow a dream that I’ve had for a while. I found a nanny job away from home and I left to see if I could do it. I will admit, there were ups and a lot of downs. There were times where I had no idea what I was doing, there were times I wanted to give up and go home, but there was also times where I didn’t want to change a thing. As crazy as this journey is, it is the experience where I have learned the absolute most.

I learned about my car. No, I’m no where’s near a genius with cars at all, but I know when to change my oil, how to open the hood of my car (I couldn’t figure it out for months because it’s harder than most, I promise.), fill my windshield wiper fluid, how to get my gas tank opened when it’s frozen shut, the whereabouts of a problem in my car, and if I don’t know the issue, I just go with a wheel barring issue because for some reason, I do not have luck with those.

I learned about houses. I’m starting to understand real estate and mortgages. I understand there is a crazy amount of things to look into when renting, buying, and selling a house. Again, I’m not a genius when it comes to this, but I actually understand the process of houses and paying bills. Who knew how much the channels you watch cost a month? I didn’t, but I do now.

I learned how to cook. Olive oil is my best friend and gets me out of sticky situations. I have memorized recipes, learned what goes together, and can build a meal without a recipe if need be. I know how to make the weirdest things like milk, salad dressing, fish (it’s only weird because I will never ever eat fish), pickle soup, vegan pancakes, and so much more. There are definitely times that I have called my mother to ask questions about what to do, but overall, I could definitely feed your kids.

And most importantly, I learned about myself. I learned what I believe, and that I’m incredibly lucky that my parents raised me and taught me the things they did. I learned how to stand up for myself. Controversy is my least favourite thing, so it was always easy for me to keep angry inside and let things go. When I went through the ridiculous Fleming experience (more on that later), I couldn’t just walk away. I couldn’t be disrespected and I wasn’t going to let one person ruin my passion. I needed to stand up for myself and what I believed in. The best thing that I learned about myself is that I can overcome my fear of being hurt and truly let someone in. I was never one to date or even look for a guy, but I finally opened that door and met the greatest guy that’s ever walked into my life, and for once, I’m excited to see where this goes.

This journey has been crazy, I have learned and I have loved. It will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m so thankful that I had this experience, but who knows, maybe it’s time for a new journey.

To all my friends and family back home,
Love always,


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