I love:

  • My family because they are always there for me and always will┬ábe.
  • My friends because they are all amazing and supportive.
  • Harley, the cutest dog ever.
  • My three favourite girls – Sarah, Allie, and Julie.
  • Music because it’s always been a part of my life and always gotten me through things.
  • Rainy days because I find them the most relaxing days ever.
  • Cyclone popsicles because they remind me of friends and summer.
  • Swedish Berries because who doesn’t like them.
  • Starry skies because they truly amaze me and remind me how big the world is.
  • Just nature in general is pretty cool…..
  • But I love hanging around the house, cuddled up in a blanket, watching my favourite show.
  • Walks with my dog.
  • When Jordan and I go out with Sarah, Allie, and Julie.
  • Going home for vacations.
  • Skating because it reminds me of when Jord stole my heart.
  • Hockey and baseball because who doesn’t?
  • Smoothies, they are absolutely delicious.
  • Kraft Dinner because it reminds me of my childhood.